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Book Cover Acting in English 2106 v2-pag


Rikki and Julie (or Romeo and Juliet Today…) is a modern version of Shakespeare's famous story.


This is a rare and unique opportunity for you to become involved in one of the most ground-breaking journeys into drama and education... placing Shakespeare in a modern setting.


The feuding houses of Montague and Capulet are represented by two schools. A comprehensive and a grammar school. All dialogue in the play is in modern-day language and the key roles are played by teenagers.


After studying the play, students can be given the opportunity to evaluate their own performance and review the process of any project undertaken by them, encouraged by what they have seen.


They will be able to communicate this through a series of presentations, to the rest of the school if they wish, with the aim of showing others what can be achieved.

Acting In English


Robert is an actor, director and writer and has been running workshops since 1980.  He has proven that acting workshops are an effective way to teach foreign language students English. The students benefit greatly by engaging with each other and building confidence whilst using the English language.

  • 172 page book



Suggested departments that may benefit from this project: English, Citizenship, Media Studies and Drama.


The learning outcomes will include:


  • Engaging students in exploring pastoral issues, e.g. drug abuse, peer pressure, knife culture and gang culture to show the effect they can have on teenagers today.

  • Developing a range of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including problem solving and teamwork.

  • An appreciation that all the above can be achieved in an exciting, innovative and fulfilling way.

  • Engaging students in a long-term activity during or after school.

  • Encouraging students to continue acting and film making or just generally 'creating' as an activity, after the project has been completed.

  • Foregrounding issues that are relevant in their community.

Package One


This package includes:

 Play (student copy) 



Package Two


This package includes:

Play (including lesson plans) and licence to perform



Too Busy Resting


The true story of an actor at the beginning of his career.  Robert Rawles shares the highs and the lows of his journey - from studying to auditioning and performing.


  • 40 page booklet





“It has been a pleasure working with Platform Theatre to see the creative process flourish from conception to delivery. Rob Rawles has produced an exemplary education resource that not only enables every child to embrace and identify with the World of Shakespeare, but also allows them to tackle modern day pressures with strength and foresight” 

Alex Leask, MD, Education Connections


“There is so much pressure to cover key topics (with this age group) during PSHE  lessons and this resource enables us to talk through many issues with a constant reference tool and within a context that young people identify with– the students really engaged with the characters from the off and we have referred back to the play on several occasions.  We are hoping to upload to our intranet in the future for everyone to access as frequently as they like.

Being able to give everyone a copy of the script has been incredibly useful too for studywork purposes and for some to embark on a re-write and future planning to stage their own performances….” 

Naomi Black, Performance Leader, Marlow Academy, Ramsgate, Kent


“…this play means we can compare and contrast the issues facing young people both in Shakespeare’s time and those of today….” 

Alison Walsh, Head of English Faculty, Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs, Kent  


 “…we now intend to use the worksheets during Citizenship week…being curriculum mapped saves us (as teachers) a huge amount of work….” 

Andrea Lane, Head of Citizenship, SW London


“…every student within the group has their own script and we are hoping to stage our own production in the spring…” 

Anne Mills, Year 9 teacher, Essex


“…The lesson plans either work across 6 individual lessons across a half term (as each fits into a standard session) or can be adapted for extended hour’s clubs or collectively for a Citizenship or PSHE day/week. Their flexibility and ease of use make them easy to pick up, plan in and run with.” 

Celia Bishop, Year 9 teacher, Devon

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